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Shipwrecked (Naufragos)
lucas1976 wrote in bpsociety

Shipwrecked (Naufragos)

Drawing of your voice by the shore of somnolence,
reefs of pillows with that smell of nearby shore
when the animals lying in the creek, the creatures of bilge
smell the herb and by the bridges climbs a tremor of skin and joyful fury.

Then it happens to me that I no longer know you, I open the eye of that lamp
that you rejected covering your face with your hair,
I look at you and I don't know
if once again you glance into the night
as the exact drawing of that other night in your skin,
with the belly slowly inspiriting,
barely abandoned in our warm beach
by a slight backwash beat.

I recognize you, I ascend by the smell of your hair
to that voice that requests again, we contemplate
at the same time this double island where we are
the shipwrecked and the landscape, foot and sand,
you too raise me out of nothing
with your errand sight on my chest and my sex,
the caress that invents in my waist a gallop of wild horses.

In the light you are the shade and I am the light, I am light of your shade
and you lying in the seaweed pretend to be the shade of my body,
we repeat nocturnal the adventure of the sun
when its narrow forehead wounds the flints and sheds
as an empty thump to the other side, a territory
that pointlessly rams and ambitions.
Oh shade of my light, how to reach for you,
how to enclose this lightning in your night!

Then, there is a furtive instant
when the eyes seek in the eyes the flight of seagulls,
something that is orbit and lure, a consecration and a labyrinth of bats
that in the dark emerged as a groping lament,
a skin refreshing and descending, a broken rhythm,
becomes convivial, watchword, breaking
of the wind that beats the white sail,
the scream of the watchman exalts us,
we run together until the crest
of the zenith wave snatches us
in an endless ceremony of spumes,

and the shipwrecks recommence, the slow swimming to the shores,
the dream upside down among dead jellyfish
and salt crystals where the world burns.

 Julio Cortazar


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