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Istvan eye
sziren_moritz wrote in bpsociety
This is an online mirror of Blank Pages Society, which exists IRL.


If you don't have your LJ account yet - on the top of the page click "Create a livejournal account", when done - go back to the bpsociety, click "User Info" and on the next page - "Join community". That's it. Further you can start spoiling blank internet pages with your stuff by clicking "Post to this community" (again, on the top of the page).
After you log in - you can comment on any entry. About moderation - who will do what, we'll decide later, right now it's a completely open community, so jump in!
Any questions - you're welcome.

Yes, any comments on community's design and info are welcome: what to include on the INFO page, which links to post, what's to translate etc.
Hopefully, when everyone will get used to the format, here we will collect links to texts and discuss, where to drink next.

Technical details for newbies:
- while posting you can use either browser form, which offers HTML or Rich text formatting (switches are on the top-right on the posting box), or you can download Semagic, which allows for easy posting and formatting of your text
- if a text is too large - use LJ-cut option
- in order not to get lost and be able to track your comments or replies to them, make these options on your Account - Notifications page ticked: (Email - tick, Inbox - tick)
Someone comments in my journal on any entry
Someone replies to my entry in a community
Someone replies to my comment
- also it is advisable to make copies of postings to your own journals - post in bpsociety and at


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