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Secular Blessings
lucas1976 wrote in bpsociety

Secular Blessings

All of my blessings contained your name:
the morning breeze as a parade of cheerful ghosts
guiding me to your door,
the glimpse of an undressed woman in an errand window
as a silent premonition,
the joy of the puppies playing in the square
inaugurating the season of the games,
the dancing waters stealing themselves from me as I get close by,
the wide dark river as a metaphor of a mystery untold,
the exuberance of the hills across the river
as a homage to your gifts,
the quiet, serene melancholy in the eyes of the people on the street,
the elegance not fit to be forgotten of the buildings of the Empire,
the delight of the music that became oh so uneasy,
the intricate cadence of a language
that I so slowly learn and so happily babble.
Also, the silence of the empty streets
when the words are absent.

Those blessings speak as well
of an unnoticeable request of forgiveness
for not being yet able to transform my trembling hands,
my most candid embrace,
in the realm distant and close that you so much strive for.
But let me still insist,
let me learn, however strained,
how to surround you slowly,
night after night,
with those same blessings
that you once made up for me.


Lucas Gilardone



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