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Sanchez is looking at himself
Ted Bundy
sziren_moritz wrote in bpsociety
Sanchez is looking at himself

“Los mexicanos! Los mexicanos!” – women screamed running out of bungalow.

They were searching for you and your…
Who were they looking for? For me? And my brother? For that tiny piece responsible for headache? For forgive-me-I-knew-everything-beforehand? For I-will-not-leave-by-cutting-off-in-small-bags-by-retail? For again-painful-and-hopeless?

I was away for a short time. Dusty road, dirty kids, chicken (chicken) fights – everything was as it always was. I went away. I was drinking tequila and wasn’t feeling any remorse, I wasn’t feeling anything, because nothing mattered and this was my usual day, when I wasn’t pretending to be a chupacabra, when I wasn’t fraternizing and presenting Sanchez as my best friend, and Lucia as my fiancée – this never happened. What was there: tilted camera and sweaty hair on the forehead, which became wet because of disgust to everything around. Wherever would I go, it was all the same: I was sitting in a bar and guzzling tequila, I was coming in and looking at this, I was sitting and looking at this. There is no need to pretend.

I’m coming back home. Green jeeps, armed men, heartrending female cries. I approach to the window. Look in. On our large bed a crowd of enraged men manipulates something in blood. It is a chain saw. It screams. It stops. On the bed there is a half of his body. I feel sick. Upper half of his body, without hands, without pelvis. I see intestine falling out. Brainpan is cracked open. Little monkey’s body, cut in the same way, lies next to him. They are both still alive. Someone from the crowd pokes the wounds and brains with a screwdriver, His and monkey’s, as if this someone is trying to get an adequate answer. But they will not say anything.

I slip down from the porch. Did they notice me? But He was staring at me, He. He understood everything. It goes dark before my eyes. Falling, I’m trying to seize the very last house of the dusty street with my long claws.



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